Exercise and ear blockage

Discussion in 'Support' started by Neenie, Jan 21, 2014.

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      I don't know if this is relevant or not and I've never mentioned it to anyone before so I thought I'd ask all you smart people! So I only have tinnitus in my left ear and when I go to the gym (which is every day), my left ear gets blocked and stays blocked throughout the entire gym session. Once I cool down the blockage disappears. Do you think this is just coincidence? Also, I've been doing these jaw exercises for TMJ (which I totally don't think I have but i did them just in case) and the clicking (also only in my left ear) as gotten less. Also a coincidence? Why must the human body be so complex?
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      I used to have blockeges and poping in my ears, but after I went on a raw organic fruit and veg. diet for about 6 months( this was a few years back) that prety much went away. I wonder if you are suffering of your lymph system being pluged up. I love cheese, but gave it up along with dary products, and then my lymph system kicked into working. I could feel it draining the waste out of my head neck and sholders. Study about the lymph system. Do you know that it is just as complex as our vascular system? The lymph system carries food to your cells, and caries waste out. If this is plugged up then nothing is moving in there and it is full and causing presure in your ear.
      I am no longer on a raw food diet, but I really do cut the cheese out along with anything that has a bad effect on my lymph system. Movement causes your lymph system to flow. A heart beat causes your blood to flow. Your exercise is trying to make it flow, but it's blocked. I'm not a doctor, and can't say this will work, but if you try it and at the same time your ear gets unpluged. then you caused it some how.
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      I have a lot of problems with blockages and pressure in my ears, but I find that when I exercise I often can pop my ears open a bit. I did think that had something to do with increased circulation. What you say, Glen, about the lymphatic system is interesting. I do lympathic massage of my ears and face twice a day (from YouTube), which also sometimes helps a bit. I do try to cut down on salt and dairy products, but I too love cheese so maybe I must try harder.
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      Since tinnitus my ears have had a really funky reaction to exercise. They tend to crackle and pop constantly when doing anything high-impact such as running. When I'm cooling down my ears will start blocking and popping in this crazy short-term symphony. Usually only a few minutes. I definitely have TMJ disorder, so I've been associating it with that. Especially because the jaw pain, ear popping and ear pain have all gotten worse in sync.

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