Experienced Temporary Silence After Firmly Massaging My Neck

Discussion in 'Support' started by Fire2Flowers, Jul 22, 2019.

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      I thought this was something I should mention, I wonder whether or not this is something that relates to others. Basically, I had some neck pain for a few days and it was just along the back of my neck. It was enough to drive me nuts, so I just grabbed my neck and began to massage it firmly. I was so focused on getting rid of that pain that I wasn't concerned with anything else. But once I stopped, I realized something.

      Silence, absolute silence.

      I couldn't hear anything for a brief moment, even though I was lying down and releasing the tension in my body (which is usually what makes it louder for me). There was nothing to hear, no matter how hard I focused on it. This went on for a good ten minutes. It's back now, but I had an interesting experience that day and hope this provides some insight for a potential cause with me and others who suffer with the same thing I do.
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      ? neck injury/unknown
      I appreciate your post; my tinnitus may be from a neck injury, so I find it encouraging to hear you found silence after a neck massage.
      May you find more silence in the future...

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