Experiencing “Siren” Tinnitus Sounds

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jule, Jun 6, 2020.

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      Possibly TMJ
      Hello everyone,

      This is my first time ever posting on anything like this but I’m really just hoping to feel a bit less crazy... which is hard when you don’t know anyone else with tinnitus.

      I guess my tinnitus has always just been pulsatile (although I’m not 100% informed on this diagnosis, but basically what I’ve always experienced is a pulsing/whooshing in my ear) but in the past week or so I think I’ve started to experience other sounds... mostly what seems to me like a siren sound. Obviously right now with the current state of the world (pandemic and protesting throughout the US), it’s been a stressful time in general where everything feels on edge. I don’t know if this is just stress related or bad timing on my tinnitus’ part to start to present as another kind of sound... I just feel like I am going crazy.

      I keep thinking that it is genuinely just an endless wave of real sirens, police cars and ambulances roaring down the main street in my town. But it’s not, and I can tell the difference just based on volume. Yet still, I’m left standing in the shower or sitting in my room at night hear these noises. Even though a quick google tells me that siren sounds are something people with tinnitus hear I’m just having trouble understanding when this has never been how I’ve experience tinnitus before.

      I guess I just want to feel a bit less crazy and am hoping to hear from others who experience siren noises as part of their tinnitus. And if this current state of the world is adding to your anxiety/confusion with thinking you’re hearing crazy things happening out in your neighborhood when it’s really just your stupid tinnitus.

      I really thought I’d come to terms with accepting my tinnitus and feeling like I could live with it as just an annoyance, but if it continues on this way I feel like it’s going to be way more of a struggle as I cannot stop thinking about it and it’s badly affecting my anxiety.

      Thanks in advance for any replies!
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      Concert, Acoustic Trauma
      While waiting for the siren sound to abate and hopefully disappear..If you are open to hypnotherapy, it can be very beneficial in re-framing the sound from a tormenting, insanely annoying (and in your case hearing sirens is understandably disturbing because they are meant to cause alarm for humans in the normal!) into something with a positive non-threatening association based on your personality. John Brown is clever at creating positive associations and desensitizing. https://www.yelp.com/biz/john-brown-hypnotherapy-los-angeles-2
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    3. AUTHOR

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      Possibly TMJ
      Thanks, I’ll look into it a bit!
    4. DebInAustralia
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      Hi there,

      I have had tinnitus and hyperacusis for 7 years.

      Shortly into it, I started 'imagining' i thought i could hear an engine noise, which sounded like a car idling in the street.

      Numerous times, I would set foot outside to investigate, only to find there was no car...

      I continued to dismiss it for a while as perhaps a car that had moved on...

      Until one day, I was visiting a friend in a rural area, away from any major roads. In the still of the afternoon, there it was... the engine noise. I could no longer dismiss it as an external noise. That is when my panic set in.

      It seems to have largely settled (whilst it was largely a noise I would only hear in very quiet environments and at night), I was still rattled by this by some time. I gradually learnt to 'forget about it'. You may read my other posts where I have mentioned receiving my own adipose stem cells in 2017 (for pain). Leading up to having the stems, I believe habituation was starting to happen, but shortly after the stems, the engine noise seemed to largely disappear. (touch wood) It is hard for me to say with any certainty if the stems were responsible. Maybe, it was the combination of the distraction of heart, lung, and joint symptoms (as part of my Lyme journey), the stems, and/or habituation.

      I just wanted you to know that your brain is capable of filtering out the noises as I believe this is my experience (not entirely but to a more livable extent).
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    5. valeri

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      My tinnitus is going from bad to worse. It’s now a constant, progressively worse, siren sound in my left ear.

      I’m a complete mess, no break day or night, I’m not sleeping, I’m constantly in tears... back to square one!

      Anyone else with this noise? How do you cope?
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    6. dan

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      Loud noise
      Yup. 'cept in both ears. So sirens (humming, tonal, morse) plus the screeching on top.
      I noticed a lot of us vets are getting worse nowadays... It's scary because we had it bad already... and it was our fault.

      You can't really cope, you just survive another day and wait for rehabituation?
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