Exposed to Several Loud Sounds Today

Discussion in 'Support' started by astaff14, Mar 30, 2018.

    1. astaff14

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      Earwax/Botched Irrigation/Noise Trauma
      First, it was a random screech in my ear while trying to make a phone call. Then it was 30 seconds or so worth of a long, loud piercing tone (a security sensor at my work), and finally about 10 seconds of another security sensor, but this was coming from right next to me.

      i haven't noticed an increase in tinnitus yet, but my hearing does feel slightly muffled/my ears feel clogged. This happened to a lesser extent yesterday after every day moderately loud sounds, but it did go away.

      I'm also suffering pretty bad from hyperacusis today too. Can that cause hearing to feel muffled/ears to feel clogged?

      & how long after loud noise would tinnitus start to increase? If it didn't immediately should I be worried?? :(
    2. hans799

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      Most likely the increase would have started immediately, or by the next morning.

      However, hair cells and auditory nerves do not die immediately after a trauma, but agonise for several days before succumbing. Please load up on vitamins A, C, E, on magnesium, and on NAC immediately. Studies indicate that these can help avoid cell death. It would be prudent to take a large dose of these right now, and add them to your diet and eat them every day from now on to fortify your hearing system.

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    3. Gman
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      Ototoxic earwax drops, worsened by MDs (Muppet Doctors)
      Acoustic shock disorder can do that. The muffled hearing with ASD doesn’t mean the sounds have caused permanent hearing damage, but it depends on how loud the sounds were. Also not saying that’s what you have either
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    4. JurgenG

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      Loud noise exposure / headphone accident maybe?
      While your advice might be good for loud sounds, it does not help the topics-tarter mentally.
      We have no idea "how loud" these "loud sounds" have been, I encounter things I find loud on a daily basis, while others will not even notice them. It's clear that those sounds are not going to damage your hearing, but they could upset your T, especially if you give them too much attention.
    5. glynis

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      @astaff14 ,
      I hope you are doing better today.
      Keep relaxing music on around you to stay calm and out for walks and support from family and on here and try not worry to much as Im sure you will be fine.

      Love glynis
    6. AUTHOR

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      Earwax/Botched Irrigation/Noise Trauma
      The screech in my ear was at about 70% volume that I was exposed to for maybe 2 seconds. I'd guess what 60 db maybe? As for the security sensors, the one I was exposed to for 30 seconds or so felt very loud, though that was in more of an open area/coming from further away so I can't guess the db easily. The second was from an average store security pillar things (there to prevent shoplifting) right next to me, as I walked past it carrying clothes with a hard tag on them. Probably like 80 db for 5-10 seconds.

      @hans799 i will certainly take your advice on those vitamins, thank you.

      @glynis thank you, I am feeling a little better today & have no noticeable increase in t just ears slightly clogged.

      thanks everyone for the replies

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