Extended Frequency Hearing Aids Seem to Lower My Tinnitus More Than Regular Ones

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, May 12, 2016.

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      My original hearing aids are programmed up to 8 khz which is fairly normal for hearing aids as the audiograms usually only go up to 8 khz. I have seen others go up to 6 khz. Well, recently I am trying out 12 khz range hearing aids and they seem to lessen the tinnitus even more. Supposedly my old and new ones are programmed the same up to 8 khz and my new ones are programmed up to 12 khz because i had an extended audiogram done. It's good and bad news because the hearing aids are expensive (at least for me). Just thought though I would share this with people. The hearing aids I am using are the Signia Pure Primax 7px I believe. Interestingly enough I think the maskers can be programmed up to 12 khz as well. I might go back to the audiologist to make sure the amplification program looks the same for both except when it goes beyond 8 khz. I just thought I would share this with people who might benefit from extended frequency aids. I think there are some other brands that do this but you will have to call around.
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      Thanks for sharing this. What kind of loss do you have beyond 8khz? I think I have too much loss for aids or masking to help. I believe I'm at 60 db loss by 9khz-10khz and then worse as I go higher.
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      No problem at all!

      left ear:
      45dB at 9 khz
      40dB at 10khz
      40dB at 12.5khz

      right ear:
      20dB at 9khz
      20dB at 10khz
      25db at 12.5khz

      My tinnitus is worse in my left ear where I have the most hearing loss.

      I am sure you can get aids that correct for 60dB and higher. I think at a certain amount of hearing loss though, they have to make a custom mold of your ear to attach to the wire of the hearing aid. Also, you might need a little bit bigger hearing aid if the hearing loss is severe. By the way, the Siemens Pure Binax 7bx is last years model (I think) and they go up to 12khz as well. To be honest with the Primax hearing aids, they have some special features I don't really know how to use. I think I will talk to hearing aid specialist about them. If you want you can find a brochure on the internet about them. Call around and see what other brands have 12 khz and get various quotes. Make sure though that the specialist can PROGRAM them up to 12khz not just have a range of 12khz.
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      To be honest, I am really surprised it has lowered in more than my other aids. I kind of wish they can take my old hearing aids and try to do some kind of manipulation with them because I really don't want to spend so much money on a new pair but at the same time, I am really thankful they have reduced the perception of T more.

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