Favorite iOS/Android/Windows Phone Apps? Plus Post Good Deals Here!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Markku, Mar 29, 2012.

    1. Markku

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      Just noticed that tap tap tap's Serenity is currently free on App Store.

      Serenity - iPhone version
      Serenity - iPad version

      I kind of like some of the sounds in the app, and it's a no-brainer now that it is free. Check it out!

      I also think this discussion could serve as a place to post your own favorite mobile apps and any good deals on apps that you happen to stumble upon.
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    2. DezDog

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      Great idea for a thread, though Serenity no longer free.

      I like "SimplyNoise" and "Sleep Machine Lite".
    3. Tha_b_man

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      +1 for Sleep Machine
    4. Lark

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      I've recently been fumbling through apps as well and wouldn't mind if others could provide good recommendations. Any type of app that makes it easier for you - whether masking, relaxing, or helping fall asleep. I'd love to hear what you use.
    5. shan

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      God knows
      Ambio - sleep sounds for me.
    6. daedalus

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      Must it be absolutely masking apps ? My favourite android apps are octave and maxima. Octave is a MATLAB clone: it allow you to do numerical computations and turns your phone in a free scientific calculator. Maxima does even better, it is a symbolic maths program. You can do differentiations, integrations, differential equations, boundary values problems and all stuff alike with it.

      The absolute nerdgasm, physical keyboard strongly advised. :p

      My next one would be vlc media player. But in truth i never use my phone to play media.

      For masking i simply downloaded nature noises i liked and played them on whatever i wanted. You all really should play with the ATA sound mixer here: http://www.ata.org/sound It's excellent, you can mix whatever sounds you like among a rather large choice and download them to your phone. :)
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