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Discussion in 'Support' started by dwinters, Dec 31, 2014.

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      To tell my story...

      One day in late October I developed a strong feeling of fullness in one ear, along with ringing and increased sound sensitivity. I went to the emergency room at the ENT clinic the next day, where I had my ear irrigated. This removed the fullness feeling, but the hyperacusis remained.

      Over the next few weeks, the hyperacusis got better. There were a few setbacks, but by early December I seemed to be fully recovered.

      Then I got overconfident and booked a 3 hour flight to my parents for Christmas and decided I didn't need to wear hearing protection. Now the hyperacusis is back in full force (if not worse than before) and I also have distracting ear pain, which I don't remember being as present before.

      The bottom line is I feel so distressed and stupid. If I had only worn protection (or avoided the trip altogether), I could be feeling fine right now. My ears have recovered before, and I am hoping they will now as well, but there's always the fear that this time they won't.

      Does anyone have any thoughts, advice, etc?
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      Hey @dwinters , despite your current condition, I am wishing you a Happy New Year!!:)

      Regarding your condition, I do not suffer from hyperacusis, I have severe subjective idiopathic tinnitus. But, I can relate with your feeling distressed and worried about your future!!:eek: For I too really struggled with distress, depression and anxiety about my future when my T set in a little over 2 years ago!

      First, don't waste any energy or emotion on feeling stupid about what has happened in the past!! Absolutely nothing you can do to change it, and it takes enough energy and emotion to just deal with our conditions on a daily basis. So stop blaming yourself!

      Definitely stay connected here on TT, especially on the hyperacusis threads! Great people, support and info!!(y) Make sure you are getting proper sleep, as lack thereof can fuel anxiety and depression! Seek help if you are struggling with that.

      The fact that your condition has resolved itself in the past should give you hope that it will indeed do so again!!:) Stay hopeful and protect yourself from further damage from here on out!

      I wish you relief in the coming new year, and hope you stay connected here on TT, as well with your friends and family, making sure they understand what you are going through.

      Best to you,

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      I really dont know.

      I just read your post. I just want to add my 2 cents. Since it went away before it can happen again in time.
      I'm going to lean in the direction that it will. I wish you the best and i am a betting man, so I am betting that it will go away in time.

      Funny thing though. I can give good advice and support, but i can't apply it to myself ( weird ).

      Joseph Harney
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      I'll never know
      I know the feeling, easier said then done right? :p
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