Feeling Physically and Mentally Drained, to Be Honest

Discussion in 'Support' started by Voxic, Mar 15, 2016.

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      Not sure, more than likely fluid behind eardrum
      So whilst I've been told that I'm pretty much 100% going to lose the T after my eustachian tubes lose their inflammation and the fluid that's stuck behind them drains by 4 doctors (3 family doctors and 1 ENT), and also that I've had a major reduction in what my T was like when I had the onset in January to what it is now in early March due to the mentioned slow drainage. I can't help but feel drained by it. I'm trying, and I believe succeeding, at ignoring it as best I can and carrying on with my life as normal as possible the fact that the T is there in it's high pitched whine (albeit quieter) whenever it's quiet is started to get to me.

      I think this feeling started when I went passed the 8 weeks period that I was told it should clear within, I'm on a steroid nasal spray at the moment, for the last week or so, and I was told to give it 3 weeks to take effect so I'm banking on this right now.

      I think a question I'd like to ask is if anyone has any information on how to potentially speed up the process of clearing the inflammation and opening the tubes quicker. I'm using heatpads / valsalva at the moment.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Try steam inhalation with bowl of hot steamy water and a towel over your head....lots of love glynis

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