Fexofenadine and Fluticasone for ETD Issues — A Week After My Ear Opened Up, New Tinnitus Emerged

Discussion in 'Support' started by James Foley, Jun 1, 2021.

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      Two weeks ago I ran into some issues with my right ear completely closing up leaving me with very muffled hearing and a pretty uncomfortable pressure feeling. These symptoms aren't new to me as I've suffered with issues equalising my ears for a while now and take a daily antihistamine and nasal spray (Loratadine and Beconase) to at least make it manageable.

      On the day my ear closed up and wouldn't equalise I spoke to my GP who suggested I change my antihistamine and nasal spray to something different as I've been using my regular ones for quite a while. I was given 120mg Fexofenadine and a Fluticasone nasal spray. About two days after using the new medication my ear opened up and I could hear again, so I guess something was working.

      Just over a week passed since the ear opened up and I began to notice a new tone in that ear. My first thought was the new medication so I have gone back to what I was using previously. It's been 4 days since I had taken the new stuff with no real change.

      Is it possible this is the fault of the medication I was taking, or am I stuck in some long healing process caused by the initial Eustachian tube issues?

      The initial blocking of the ear was pretty stressful, I wasn't able to sleep and it caused me to panic pretty badly. Unsure if this panic is also a potential cause causing a step backwards in my habituation progress.

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