Finally Found Earplugs That Fit My Tiny Ear Canals!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Holly1987, Apr 30, 2018.

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      I have spent so much money trying to find earplugs that fit my small ear canals. I just looked at my paypal statement and all up have spent $400 on earplugs in 6 months! None of them were suitable.

      These are the only earplugs I've found that don't hurt my ears and actually fit properly, every other style I've tried always felt awkward and too big (even adult mini size) it's really sad how excited I am about this hahaha. It's life changing!

      Just thought I would share in case anyone else with small ear canals is struggling to find earplugs.

      Here is the link
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      I used commercial strength ear Was told to roll them small and let them expand in my ear canal. It worked.

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