Finally Seeing an ENT... 6 Years Too Late!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Helen Louise, May 8, 2017.

    1. Helen Louise

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      Hello fellow T friends,

      Today I had my doctors appointment. I booked this with a view to getting a referral to see a specialist, such as an ENT. Well, I'm pleased to say I got the referral, and now it's a waiting game to see when my first appointment will be.

      Can anyone tell me what to expect from this appointment, is it likely there will be follow up appointments?

      I think they'll check my hearing, look into my ears and maybe show images of my inner ear?

      Would love to hear from people who have experienced this.

      Helen x
    2. Michael Leigh

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      Hi @Helen Louise
      Please click on the link below and read my article: Tinnitus, A Personal View. I believe it will explain most things that are likely to happen when you see your ENT doctor. It also explains different treatments and coping methods.

      From my point of view, ENT doctors are not tinnitus experts, they are physicians and are able to treat the ear and auditory system surgically or medically. Hopefully after tests are carried they show no abnormalities. Therefore, a patient is usually referred to Hearing Therapist or Audiologist, that practice tinnitus management.

      In many cases, these are the "tinnitus experts" they are trained in this field and will have much more understanding and be able to empathize with what a tinnitus patient is going through. It is not surprising to find, many of these health professionals were either born with tinnitus or acquired it at some time in their life.

      Best of luck
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    3. Rubenslash

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      Unfortunately, they are unable to make pictures of the inner ear. Although researchers are working on these kind of imaging tools, I don't expect them to be operational in the next 10 years.

      You can expect a hearing test and inspection of the ear (ear canal, wax build up, eardrum). They can't really help with tinnitus though.
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    4. Bill Bauer
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      If your T is a result of an underlying condition, they might be able to treat the condition, and T might then disappear. If they determine that your ears appear to be healthy, then they will tell you that they can't do anything about your T...
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    5. light rain

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      I first had T in 2010. Only went to an ENT this year because of increased symptoms. First visit they did a hearing test (which actually made me dizzy and aggravated the T for a little bit) and a visual not only of the ears but nose and throat. He also tested reactions to different positions and even had me march in place.
      I was then referred for vestibular testing and am now waiting to have an MRI done.
      They even sent me for balance therapy to help with the dizziness from a weak nerve. So it is important to see an ENT because I was simply focused on the T not realizing there is so much involved with hearing and balance.
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    6. fishbone

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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      It's never too late to see an ENT. Just get a good check up and discuss your concerns :)
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