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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jazzer, Nov 28, 2019.

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      Tinnitus is a cruel twist of fate,
      however it occurs.
      Perhaps even the cruelest of all.
      One of the biggest obstacles to a fulfilling life that one can conceive of.
      Loud, intrusive, constant noise, so distressing.

      I don’t want to say too much about my life, except that it was creative, artistic, full of music, jazz performance, and all of it purely natural to me.

      Criminal that all of that should have been stolen from me because of the arrogance and crass ignorance of a handful of others.

      What a dreadful shame that we cannot go back to ‘factory settings.’
      We know that there are currently no cures and no effective treatments.
      I personally see nothing even promising in the pipeline, though I readily admit that I do not watch research news too closely.
      Call me a skeptic.
      If anything serious does come along it will be plastered all over the nine o’clock news.
      We will not miss it!!

      With regard to my own tinnitus I cultivate the concept that ‘it’s just there.’
      I accept the fact that it probably always will be.
      In accepting its presence, it can no longer shock me.

      What I strenuously do believe is that ‘in the absence of our former lives, we absolutely MUST find other things to live for.’
      A new pet - a new hobby - an appetite for the company of others - renewing old acquaintances or making new friends.
      Maybe just improving on the relationships which we already have.

      I don’t know what - but we are needing something.
      We must not settle for ‘stagnation.’
      We have to make something of the rest of our lives.
      Love to all,
      Dave x
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      This is absolutely true, Dave.
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