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      Hi there Doc,

      I was wondering if you had any tips on finding a psychologist that helps with tinnitus. I believe CBT would be great for me, but even in my city (Columbus, OH) I can't seem to find anyone. None of the psychologists in my area seem to advertise for tinnitus help so I don't know if I should start calling and just asking if they happen to, or what. I only found one so far and he was trying to charge me $240 an hour
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      Hey Joey

      Not surprised to hear that. There are very few qualified CBT therapists in the US who understand tinnitus, and I don't know anyone in Columbus. Yes, you can call and ask. Asking them what they've read on CBT for tinnitus is a good way to test if they're legit. They would list names like: Jane Henry, Peter Wilson, Gerhard Andersson, Lawrence McKenna. In the meantime, be sure to see my webinar, which has a lot of info on CBT for tinnitus

      If you can't find anyone, I offer video coaching sessions at a slightly lower fee.

      All the best!
      Dr Hubbard
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