Fire Alarms Are So Loud — Felt Uncomfortable for a While

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hariz Nonis, Dec 21, 2018.

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      My company just had a fire drill. The fire alarm in the office wasn't bad. On the way down, they were definitely louder, but I kinda out my hand over my ear, so it wasn't that bad I guess.

      Then came an alarm through a corridor. Oh man, the closer I got, the more I could feel it. You know, that uncomfortable feeling. I was there for a few seconds, and I had to find another way around to the assembly area. It was a like the Formula One concert I passed by a few months back. Both times I couldn't stick around.

      The fire drill is over. I guess I did feel uncomfortable for a while. But my ears, and myself, will hopefully not have to go through anything bad. I really hope there won't be a spike or anything like that. So far, everything seems to be good. I guess I'll have to really take care of my ears for the time being to ensure it all stays safe and sound.
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      Noise Exposure (Headphones)
      Tell your work you have ear problems and would like to be exempt from future drills.

      Keep up the good work with optimism! Remember, stress is our enemy too.
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