First Morbihan Disease, Now Tinnitus from Lasix (Furosemide): I've Had Enough of This Life

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      I’m 45 and 4 years ago I had a mild skin disease that was being treated by dermatologists. I had a rare late onset medication reaction, and when I reported the symptoms they misdiagnosed me and kept me on the offending medication.

      It caused a condition called Morbihan disease, leaving my face permanently swollen, red and burning. I’m unable to go outside in the sun anymore.

      One of the very few sources of relief is small doses of Lasix (Furosemide) as needed.

      I take 20mg for 3-4 days a month.

      Well I took a short course two weeks ago, heard ringing in my ears so I stopped the medication immediately.

      The ringing won’t go away and my ears are super sensitive to any sound.

      This is unimaginable. My original condition was brutal, now my ears too?

      I want out.
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      SSNHL/ Acoustic Trauma
      Try asking if your doctor would prescribe a week and a half’s worth of prednisone to see if that would help the ringing due to any inflammation.
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      After doing this research it seems that this drug is known to cause tinnitus. Like all drugs causing tinnitus, stopping them under doctor supervision is the best thing to do. Over time your tinnitus can reduce and go away though so don't lose hope. How loud is your tinnitus? Can you hear it over a TV?
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      I’m an ER RN and used to be a firefighter. My face got torched by the dermatologists while I was going through a divorce because my wife had an affair.

      It left me with a condition most dermatologists never heard of. Everyday is brutal to get through, but I continue to work.

      I used to be attractive and confident.

      Now I can’t let sunlight touch my face.

      Who would have ever thought a total of 60mg of Lasix over three days would take my hearing away?

      How can I go on? My life has literally been destroyed by medication.
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      Your onset is very recent, and you can't tell any kind of trending yet. In many cases, tinnitus just fades away, and you are likely to be in that bucket, statistically speaking. Give it some time!

      Still, the medication and onset may be a coincidence: it may be a good idea to go and get your hearing checked.

      Good luck!
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