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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ed209, Dec 22, 2015.

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      I'm not sure who saw my last post about organising a charity gig, but this post is in the same vain. On Sunday I went to see Star Wars at the cinema which is the first time I've been since my T got louder.

      I took a decibel meter with me which seems a bit overkill, but I'm curious to know what the actual levels are in a cinema, as I'm on the side that believes they are not in the dangerous category (don't take my advice as medical). The average reading was about 68db and during action scenes the levels were around 75db with peaks at 83db. I wore my ACS pro 10db reduction ear plugs as a precaution as I didn't know what the levels were going to be, but I did not wear them during the adverts and trailers which never hit the 80s (they are usually louder, on this occasion they certainly wasn't). The meter I used is accurate to +- 1db.

      The cinema is only 18 months old so the equipment is all new stuff, it felt the same as any other film I've been to in terms of loudness and I'm a movie buff, I used to go pretty much every week/month and never had a problem (such as ringing after a film) in my life. I sat right in the middle of the room.

      The next few films I go to I will check again what the volumes average as some rooms are smaller etc. If they average peaks at 83 and remain around 70-75 I will not bother wearing earplugs at the cinema again. I just think at those levels it's a bit overkill and it's just another obstacle stopping you mentally getting back to normal.

      As it happens to whoever read my last thread I'm still feeling way more positive, I've definitely turned a corner and from now on I will forever wear my ear plugs at loud events and concerts, the cinema however I think I'll not bother if the readings are roughly the same on my next visits.
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      Loudness varies cinema to cinema, movie to movie. It's been proven that some cinemas blast the audio at over 120 dB.

      Happy you had a good experience.
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      Great you had a good time at the Cinema and your ears were fine...lots of love glynis
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      I take plugs with me to the movies and church. My T is mostly in my left ear so I almost always pop a plug in that one. If things get too loud I'll put one in my right ear too just as a precaution.

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