First Time Ringing in Left Ear

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      Hi, I am 20 year old college student. About a week I noticed less hearing and low level ringing in my left ear. I left it alone thinking it would go away, but it did not. I did some research and found its apparently mild tinnitus. Like an idiot I had trying to clean my ears out q tips, thinking I had an ear wax blockage. I did listen to music on fairly regular basis with earbuds as well, amking sure to keep volume lowish. I haven't noticed any hearing loss but currently I am taking a break from them. Yesterday I went to a walk in clinic and the doctor said took a peak inside my ears, he found minor inflammation in my right eat and, as I thought, massive block of ear wax in my left. He used syringing to try and get it out but its in there good. He said to put oil in the ear canal for 3 days and come back. Now my ringring has increased in volume twice fold and im really worried about more syringing. any thoughts on what i should do?
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      Go to an ent they are more experienced to remove wax from you're ear don't do it you're self man!

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