First Time Taking Antibiotics?!

Discussion in 'Support' started by amymilly, Nov 27, 2016.

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      Okay so. I'm pretty sure I have a UTI.

      I haven't taken any medication since having tinnitus and I've read all nasty things about antibiotics. I haven't been diagnosed yet with it as it's the weekend but tomorrow I'll see my GP and I'm pretty sure I'll have to take some. And if I'm honest I'm absolutely petrified.

      Have you guys taken anything for a uti.
      Or experience with antibiotics and tinnitus?

      I don't even understand how it effects your ears. All this stuff it's constantly worry. Urrrrrrrgg.
      Thanks again guys.
    2. Foncky

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      See your gp, you'll know what are your options tomorrow.

      Tell him about your T. But not all antibiotics cause ototoxicity.
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    3. Elinor

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      Some antibiotics are ototoxic, meaning that they are "poisoning" the ear, but I would not worry if I were you. This usually applies for those who take long courses or certain antibiotics such as mycines and aminoglycosides. You will most likely get a penicillin and they are very safe when it comes to T.

      I have had T for 10 years and I have taken antibiotics multiple times without it having any effect on my T.

      You'll be safe. Like @Foncky said, tell your GP about your T. You can also specifically ask for a penicillin.
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