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Discussion in 'Support' started by Michelle78, Mar 14, 2011.

    1. Michelle78

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      I do not know if I would classify myself as a success story just as of yet, but I will say that I am 180 degrees better mentally than I was in the first 1-3 months of the onset. I would have classified myself as a basket case during that time and I have slowly come to regain my grip on the things that I thought were lost forever.

      I think by virtue of the "tincture of time" combined with the hard work that you have to put your mind to - which is staying positive, trying your best not to think about it and keeping busy, you can return to a reasonably "normal" frame of mind. I know in the initial stages these things seem like an impossibility, but they are self fulfilling.

      And for me, I did not hesitate on using medication if it helped me feel better - which is not something that happens overnight either and should definitely be done with a good psychiatrist.
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    2. Hi Michelle,

      Your story is a success story indeed. It's is quite inspiring to be honest.
    3. Scarred

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      That is how I was advised to cope with Tinnitus and so far so good. I am still affected by it but not to an extent I used to. All practitioners should give out this info.
    4. Jamfer

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      I used otc sleep meds. sometimes, because the best thing for me was sleep. I done most of the common things like running an air filter at night (for the masking noise). After getting over my initial 2 years of hyperacusis, I had 10 years so far of tinnitus. I guess I can say it's like a nagging wife with a nasty voice, you eventually stop noticing it. If I think about it I still hear it but so many years, it's normal now.
      When I first got it I had a fear that it might get worse. But over time it varies some, and at times changes for moments like a cricket or sometimes a second or two of silence. The silence moments are maybe once every few months, what's with that?
      I measure the loudness by comparing it to hearing over taking a shower. Now the shower just about covers it up.
      pseudoephedrine makes it worst.
      Cheers Jamfer
    5. Markku

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      The silent moments are interesting, quite a few tinnitus sufferers report those. I haven't experienced them but I know many who do. Some can get them daily, some weekly, some every other month. Varies a lot. Some report them as few passing seconds, some have longer "remissions"/pauses.

      I don't know but could it be a positive sign if one regularly experiences a complete pause in tinnitus? Maybe the brain/ear is trying to adjust/recover or something. Don't really know, but it's fascinating how many types of tinnitus there are and how all that varies from person to person.
    6. Pamela

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      I have daily moments of silence/almost silence. Other oto patients I've talked to have said it's normal and happens often.
    7. Eric Winch

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      Toronto, Ontario
      i dont get "silence" i do have times were if there is other sounds i foget its there for a while
    8. Allevous

      Allevous Member

      Same here... but every time I try to listen to it I can hear it if I want.
    9. Eric Winch

      Eric Winch Member

      Toronto, Ontario
      same here
    10. Seras

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      I do get not more than a second of silence. If you get hours or days that's not typical and is a good sign.

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