Found a Masking Solution That Can Probably Help a Lot of People Out While Trying to Sleep

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Apr 2, 2016.

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      Okay, you need a computer with usb and internet access which most of you should have already. Next, you need a bluetooth usb adapter for your computer. If you don't have one, you can get one at various places such as amazon or bestbuy.

      Next you will need a bluetooth speaker. You can get them at various places such as walmart, amazon, target, or bestbuy.

      Next, plug the USB Bluetooth adapter into your computer and link it with the speaker. Put the bluetooth speaker near your bed, perhaps on a shelf or night stand. Go to (so far the best sounds I know on the internet) and select the water stream sound or some sound you think would be good for you. Then adjust the sliders (bass, mids, treble) to where it helps mask or take away your tinnitus or most of your tinnitus but make sure it is at a safe volume level. I'm not sure because I only have one bluetooth speaker, but I am wondering if I could hook up multiple speakers around the house to the same adapter. Perhaps some of you will know if this is possible. Give me a thumbs up if you think this is a good idea or if it isn't just tell me. I've just hooked it up for tonight and will see how it goes. To me it is worth trying for $33.
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      Barking dogs/stress
      I think it's a great idea. With the setup you outlined, I can keep my laptop away from the bedroom, because occasionally the fan heats up and gets loud. (Yes, I need to clean it.)

      My very favorite sound generator from myNoise is White Rain. I just set it to Animate, and let it play all night on my phone. Tinnitus always wakes me during the night, and it's so much easier to go back to sleep with this soothing sound. Also, because it's the same spectrum as white noise, you can audio notch it and get that benefit while listening to it.

      This is what Stephane, the creator of myNoise, says about White Rain:

      Our white rain sound recording is totally natural: no synthetic white noise has been superimposed here. Yet, it sounds close to white noise. Not all rain sounds are white though, mostly because of the environment in which the rain falls alters the color of the sound too. Our recording has been performed in the silence of the night, in a huge space - namely the Harau Valley in Sumatra - and in the absence of any wind, as to produce the most even noise one can get.

      This sound offers the exact same spectrum as white noise, and can be used in the same applications in the mind, such as noise blocking or tinnitus relief. If white noise ever sounded too synthetic for your ears, give our white rain noise a try.
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      Thanks for the like! I forgot to mention, has an iphone app so if you have an iphone, I believe you won't need the bluetooth adapter. I have an android tablet but can't seem to be able to use it correctly with the website. If it is possible to get it to work with android tablets or phones I guess you wouldn't need a bluetooth adapter either.

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