Found Out My Dental Hygienist Has Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Luman, Apr 16, 2018.

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      I went for my 2X a year dental cleaning/exam today, and asked the hygienist not to use the ultrasonic power scaler, and she agreed to do it manually. She said that she has tinnitus in one ear, and assumes that she got it from being exposed to the sounds of the equipment in the dental offices she's worked for, over a period of many years.

      This is the fourth professional medical person that I've gone to, who has tinnitus. The other three includes an ENT and two therapists.
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      Ear infection and possibly noise over time
      Hi @Luman -- interesting, I wonder if it is common with dentists or even surgeons that have to use drills frequently.

      Request for advice -- I have cleaning coming up and am worried about some noises exacerbating my hyperacusis (I know there is nothing that loud with manual cleaning to cause a tinnitus spike). It's the hissing / squealing sound of the suction tube. I have a plan for that (basically asking her to shut it off while she leaves it in my mouth while she cleans, or ask to hold it outside my mouth away from my ear/face). Or I could just wear noise cancelling headphones. What would you recommend?

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