From Mild to Very Mild (3.5 Months In + Endoscopy)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by raybaudi, Sep 18, 2017.

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      Probably Stress-Related or TMJ
      Hello there, Everyone.

      I wanted to remain silent for a safe margin of time before posting this but I believe my Tinnitus has reduced from Mild/Moderate to Very Mild after I had an endoscopy to remove a maxillar retention cyst on my right cheek. Cyst was occupying the whole of the maxillar cavity.

      Traditional western medicine defines these cysts as asymptomatic but in my case, I almost convinced the ENT doctor to remove it. They would have done it anyway because of the insurance money but I believe, two weeks after surgery, Tinnitus has significantly improved.

      I mean, during daytime, on quiet surroundings, where I used to perfectly hear it I honestly can't now unless I specifically look for it and it takes time to find it. I mean it's really mild now.

      It still bothers me when I wake up, but this is the worse it's gonna get.

      Sometimes I even forget I have/hopefully had Tinnitus.

      Will it keep improving? Who knows! I really wish it will. I still spit some black-bloody-mucus so I guess it is still swollen inside but as it shrinks and the tissues return to their natural original place, maybe it will dissappear completely.

      My advice: get rid of those annoying "unharmful" rettention cysts.
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      How can you prove you have cysts? Certain examinations? & congratulations on your very mild tinnitus! You said in the night you can hear it? Why is that?

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