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      Hi people,
      I´m writting from Portugal, my English is not the best but i´ll try to explain my problem.
      As many of you, my recent concern and worries are all about the problem i have in my right ear. It is supersensitive to loud sounds, lately even some little sounds are a problem for me.
      Let me say that i have no pain in ears or head is just the fluttering i feel in the ear as a response to sound, its horrible.
      I can´t speak louder, i can´t hear dogs making noise, i can´t hear dishes beating between many things. My life suddenly change, the majority things i use to do to have fun and relax from the work is a torture for me. Can´t go to dinner with many people, can´t go to the soccer, can´t go to take a cofee with frieds…nothing…i think we don´t desserve to live like this.
      After many doctors and exams they don´t get any conclusion, worse than have a problem is get a problem that don´t have cure!
      After reading the histories of suicide from DiEmilio and Hectors i´m scarred like i never been before, it is just like a vision, like if i saw what is coming for me too, i´m affraid that is just a matter of time.
      As i don´t have pain, it is possible that this could be related to the tensor tympani problem? I ask this beacuse there is not something that just happen with noise. If i put my finger in the entrance of the left ear, the good one, and take it off i listen a fluttering in the right side. Also hear the fluttering if touch in certan areas of my face! i can´t see the relation between this!! All the help is well coming!
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      Hi, JKP12, and welcome!

      First of all, we all do understand how you feel. When this first happens, your life seems to change, and you feel like you can't do anything that you used to do any more. I hope you'll take the time to read the information on this forum, and realize tht you're not alone!

      A couple of things you mentioned: Your right ear is super-sensitive to sound. This could be hyperacusis. Other people on here suffer from that, and may have some good suggestions for you. Some people say they have hyperacusis in the beginning, but it got better over time. Here are a couple of links that might be of interest:

      The tensor typmani (I don't have this condition myself) apparently feels like a sort of twitching inside your ear, and does not correspond with your heartbeat. Is that what yours is like? I have another condition, pulsatile tinnitus, where I can hear my heartbeat in my ear 24/7.

      Some other people on this board have experienced tensor tympani syndrome, and I am not sure how long it lasts. They can probably answer that question better than I can.

      Again, welcome to Tinnitus Talk! There are many others here who suffer similar conditions, and we are all here to help one another. I'm glad you joined us!
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      When this appears to me, in January of 2012 it was something that mostly just happen when i heard loud noises like dishes beating or dogs barking.

      Unttil May i don´t get much better, after this and during the summer i don´t feel the ear fluttering many times, this was the time i get better.

      However in last november ther problem increased and at the moment, simple activities are getting difficult for me. I´m much more sensible to sound, much more scarried, worried, to tell the truth, i´m desperate.

      I have made a serie of complete exams to brain, head and ears and no one can get a conclusion. I can´t feel nothing more then desperate, my problem is increasing and i cant get any help.

      I don´t understand the changes of condition about this problem. I can´t understand why i feel the fluttering in the right ear if i lazing, yawn or sometimes stirring in eyes. It is also ussual that i feel the fluttering and pressure in the right ear if i touch in some áreas of the face, this most happen when i shave. What relation can you see between this?

      When I sleep above the right ear, sometimes, not always, i feel like someting is moving inside the ear, can explain correctly.

      I have heard my heart beating in my ear, yes, but it is something rare.

      I´m going next week to an hyperacussis especialist but i don´t have great expetations, i simple can´t imagine what can she do to cure me!
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      Hi JPK12. Getting help from a hyperacusis specialist is a step in the right direction. The symptoms you are experiencing like ear fluttering is most likely a combination of the hyperacusis, the over sensitivity to sound combined with the anxiety. I had similar issues early on with my tinnitus. Once I got help with my hyperacusis and anxiety it improved thought it takes time. Once my hyperacusis began to improve so did most of my other symptoms. So getting help is a good step and it will get better my friend!
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