From the Deepest Valley to the Highest Mountain

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Cor, Oct 18, 2015.

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      About 1,5 years ago my tinnitus started. I wish I could say I've fully habituated, I haven't. But my tinnitus is no longer the demon it used to be. Like many on this forum im one of the 1%. My tinnitus was unbearable to me, highly fluctuating, difficult to habituate. I instantly fell into a depression, and a mix of bad doctors and bad medication made things exponentially worse. In my darkest period I was on the edge of the abyss and the only thing that kept me from falling over was my incredibly patient wife who took my hand when I felt the ground falling away. I wish everyone on this forum such a strong supporter.

      Things changed when I got referred to a psychiatrist. Im a strong person, founded a successful company, and im used to solving my and other people's problems. Never in a 1000 years did I think I was going to end up at a psychiatrist. But there I was, unable to solve this problem, and I needed help. My psychiatrist was, in one word, awesome. He was what every ENT should be. Thoughtful, inquisitive, supportive, and open to anything. When I suggested to him I wanted to change my medication, because doctors don't get me and I do, he said sure, go for it. I came up with a mix of a temporary anti-depressant, and a non-physically addictive sleeping medication, and he signed of on it. It changed everything, for once I felt in control, and the medication worked to control the symptoms.

      I have since tapered off the anti-depressant but still take the sleeping meds. My take on it is, I need my sleep, and this is a medication to deal with existing symptoms. If I don't sleep well, my tinnitus comes back riding one of the horses of the apocalypse.

      But, this year I decided to give tinnitus the middle finger and decided to do 3 things i had been wanting to do for ages. First I bought a small boat. I love being on the water, and I can totally forget about tinnitus there. Second I got a puppy. We have cats and horses, but never a dog. She is such a joy in our lives.

      The last one I fulfilled today. In July I decided to do something I had wanted to do before but injuries prevented me. Everything felt ok, I was injury free, and even though I wasn't 100% prepared, I wasn't going to let tinnitus win. As of today, I can say I am a marathoner, and i have not felt this elated in almost 2 years. This was my holy grail as a runner, and finally everything came together.
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      Congratulations! I can relate to you're story. At this point 7 months since my T started I feel like I'm spiraling downwards. Mine was caused by prolonged noise exposure and was told it's a symptom of SNHL. Every doctor I visit gives me zero hope. Like yourself I never thought I'd have to visit a psyciatrist. Know with my mood swings, insomnia and every other tinnitus compliments either I go insane or get serious help. I really look up to getting better.

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