From Thinking That I Can't Live with Tinnitus to Adapting to Being Able to Live with it

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by monkey legs, May 14, 2019.

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      Hi folks,

      First let me send out as much love and peace as is possible from my heart to yours, whoever you are.

      I know the absolute agony the early days with tinnitus can bring. Without trying to depress you, I was looking for a place to hang myself. Not many places to hang in a Council house (thank the stars).

      What I want to get across is that at the beginning I was (I must use caps for next bit for dramatic impact ;o) COMPLETELY CONVINCED I COULD NOT LIVE WITH TINNITUS. Therefore the only option was to end my life.

      However, I WAS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY WRONG. So completely wrong. My thoughts were totally understandable at the early point. 1.5 years later I am doing OK. Of course I wish I didn't have tinnitus, but you can get to a point where you reach a kind of balance/equilibrium. And life is almost normal again.

      The tinnitus is more or less the same level/frequency as it has always been. But as mad as it may sound, I now refer to it as my old friend tinnitus. Psychologically speaking you don't fight with a friend. This has taken a long time to get to this point, but you can do it. I suppose you can call this "adapted" in some sense.

      I'm not making any judgement on anyone. You feel how you feel and that's ok. Just put one foot in front of the other, and keep doing that.

      I will still look for a cure, and look into all the areas I can.

      Peace & Love.

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      Good for you @monkey legs :)

      We see many folks new to this forum who - like you were - are 100% convinced they can never learn to live with it, but most of them eventually do.

      Of course there are also some for whom it doesn't get better, and our hearts go out to those people. These days it's for them that I wish for a cure, more so than for myself.

      All the best...
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      Thank-you so much for this post, @monkey legs. :thankyousign:
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      I love reading posts like yours!

      Thanks for taking the time to post this - it brings hope to a lot of us. Here's to getting acquainted with an "old friend" :beeranimation:

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