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      Hi everyone!

      I had my follow up appointment with my neurologist today, who originally thought I was having tinnitus due to a hyperactive brain and prescribed me Valium to suppress some nervous system activity. I will admit-- since then it's been much better. My tinnitus no longer "chases" loud sounds. Now, it can sometimes be masked, which in itself is great relief to not always hear it. However, I don't know. I just don't agree with my neurologist (but who am I to say, I'm not the medical specialist) and I wish he would listen to me. He says things to "prevent" tinnitus and migraines (because I said I occasionally got a headache... which I think was just from always hearing the tinnitus) I should keep stress levels low, get enough sleep, etc. All things I told him I'm already doing. I do not have hearing loss, I am otherwise pretty much healthy.. I just feel like the tinnitus has to have a cause (although I guess it could be idiopathic.) I do link it to a specific traumatic event that happened right before it's onset. I was pretty much told "well, since it's better, just keep up what you're doing!" which is taking half of a Valium if I'm really feeling stressed, anxious, and ringing. Lastly, I did mention that I have gotten tunnel vision for a few minutes once last year (one of the things that happened right before I got my tinnitus), and I have still been having bouts of it ever since... and nothing. Wouldn't you think there would be some type of test or just SOMETHING with tunnel vision? I think he said since I don't really get these symptoms often, he's not concerned. But the bottom line is, I just shouldn't be getting them!

      Bleh, I just don't know. I needed to vent I guess. :) I really dislike going to the doctor just to be told keep up the work. I wish there was some type of test he can do to rule things out, just so I can kind of have some validation that maybe it is idiopathic. Then I would have a better time accepting it. (I think.)

      Well. Thanks for listening. Any feedback or input.. or just anything, it would be nice to hear! Have a nice day everyone. :)
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      HI Ashley, I too am waiting to see a neurologist, I have already seen a ENT specialist in London, I waited 5 months for the appointment, and to say I was disappointed is an understatement!, I mean I wasn't expecting a miracle, but there's nothing wrong with your hearing, and we don't know to much about your type of tinnitus really pissed me off, it's just so frustrating, when I first got tinnitus my GP put me on Prozac, I have never taken antidepressants in my life, so I gave them a go, Big mistake for me, I got really bad side affects, in fact I was probably at the lowest point of my life,

      So I stopped taking them, all they can seem to do is throw tablets at you, so your on Valium, they will prob calm you down, but I wouldn't recommend them for the long term, I am taking St. John's wort, they are a mood enchanser, and are a herbal remedy, ther are so many remedies out there, it's a minefield, I have a cold at the moment, the first I've had since I got tinnitus, and it's much louder than usual, I am 8 months into this poxy condition, and none the wiser to why I got it, could of been trauma from the atrial fibrillation I had, or the medication that they gave me at the hospital, I just don't know,no one has the answer, I will say though, that I am now handling the condition rather well, considering what I was like in the beginning, I think every one is like that at first, but it does get easier to handle, this forum and the people on it are a real godsend, so Ashley take it easy, try not to worry to much, carry on with your life as you did before, don't let it get you down to much, you will rise above it sooner than you think x
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