Fudge. Self destructive impulses ftw

Discussion in 'Support' started by Cody Schmidt, Mar 18, 2014.

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      My tinnitus started off like a really loud waterfall and loud enough dog whistle('nuff to send me to mental hospital, nice job mom)in Dec.2013. It slowly got worse then one day I woke up with it's levels were way down and it was mostly just the waterfall noise. It was easy enough to ignore, then one day it turned pulsile because I'm kinda bed ridden(other conditions) and now if I enjoy laying down too much, my neck gets really stressed and it turns pulsile, but just temporarily as of now. My condition continued to get better then I decided to pop a balloon. F***ed up hard-core. I knew I wasn't supposed to do it. Waterfall is still low, but now my dog whistle is loud again. Woo Hoo life and three cheers for being a dumb f***ing self destructive nobody! Much love<3
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      2/ 2014
      shit happens.

      seriously. there will be things that happen to spike your T. level up. all T. sufferers deal with it. sometimes it just happens for no reason. guess my point is,don't worry about it. it will go down again eventually,it did before. we've ALL done something we shouldn't have ,that we knew we shouldn't have, that has spiked our T. level up. so my advice is to just have the "Oh well,shit happens" mentality and try to put it out of your mind

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