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Discussion in 'Support' started by valeri, Sep 17, 2014.

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      Few months ago there was some emergency room TV show.
      Patient is a clinical psychologist with broken something, in pain obviously, crying, screaming, begging for help.

      Through tears he was saying: I know all the things I should be doing, breathing, relaxation, being positive, but I'm not coping with this, it's too painful! I can't live with this pain!

      By the way he's an expert psychologist treating people with chronic pain!
      What an absurd!

      I guess it's different being on the receiving end!
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      I guess he forgot that those principles only apply to chronic- and not acute-pain.

      Here are some people who experienced acute pain (and other things!) in 2012. Especially the poor soul at 2:15...

      Best FAILS of 2012 | JukinVideo

      [I think this topic belongs in the General Chat section...]
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