Gas Lawn Mowers vs Electric Mowers (Battery Operated) — Better for Hearing/Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Cape crusader, Oct 9, 2019.

    1. Cape crusader

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      Has anyone purchased a battery or electric lawn mower and found it not spiking their tinnitus? (Less noise dB and less vibration).

      My gas mower spikes me every time. Apparently it is not only through the ears, I wear ear muffs while mowing, but also the vibration thru the skull.
    2. Digital Doc

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      I use both earplugs and ear muffs at the same time while mowing, and dont spike.

      The earplugs are better for the noise, and the muffs for the vibrational forces through the skull that go to the ear. Used together, I am comfortable for as long as the job takes.

      In general, most electric mowers are quieter than their gas counterparts
    3. Chris S.

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      I had to buy a battery-operated lawn mower. It is quieter than a gas mower but still generates around 85 dBC/dBZ (we should never measure the loudness of the mower in dBA). I have serious TMJ problems and cannot wear ear muffs (only ear plugs). Rated at 33 dB NRR, the actual protection (per NIOSH) of my Flents earplugs is 16.5 dB.

      After mowing the lawn once, while wearing the Flents earplugs, my tinnitus spiked. I bought a pair of anti-vibration gloves that may help reduce further spikes.

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