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Discussion in 'Support' started by Zimichael, Apr 9, 2015.

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      I was doing a little research for a friend and came upon this ref. volume levels in movie theaters. Seeing as I have not been in one for maybe 15 years I was way off on my 'estimate' of the potentially damaging volume levels therein...This article is more than sobering and though @jeffie7 posted reference to it in a thread in late March, I thought it a good idea to highlight the facts more clearly. An extract below:

      Dangerously Loud?

      “The thing about loud exposure is it doesn’t have to hurt you to be damaging to your ear.”— Dr. John Bedolla

      How loud is too loud? Dr. John Bedolla, an emergency room doctor with Seton Healthcare put the impact of loud movies on the ear in context, “Human beings did not experience sound louder than 90-100 decibels for much of human history until the invention of gun powder and machinery. So, for the vast majority of human existence, our ear has never adapted to loud noises.”

      Dr. Bedolla referred to a recent report in the Ear, Nose and Throat Journal showing just how loud movies have become.

      “Certain types of high-spectacle movies, such as Transformers, have decibel levels of 90 for almost the entire movie and have decibel levels of 120 for significant periods and at some points get to 130 decibels. Now 130 decibels is a jet engine at about 10 meters,” says Dr. Bedolla.

      That last sentence is stupefying...Come to your own conclusions!

      Best, Zimichael
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      Everyone likes it loud, it just causes you to get use to the volume and turn it up even louder which causes you to get use to.... why can't people just enjoy concerts/movies at normal levels?

      I hate the movies because of sound levels. Wish I knew what to do with my son as he ages and wants to go with his friends, how to you tell a younger person to wear hearing protection at a movie? *shrugs*
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      Surprised that investigative journalists settled for dB meter readings on their smart phones. Those aps aren't real accurate.
      But I totally agree with the piece's conclusions: movies are too d**n loud. Those noise levels are dangerous. And yet there isn't much being done to change that.

      If states mandate bicycle helmet and car seat laws for kids, why not do the same for movies? Require visible ear protection for minor children. They may not like it (they don't like wearing helmets, either). But parents will insist if they risk a ticket and/or fine.
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      Just need a lawsuit or two to come out from hearing loss related to movies being too loud...

      Hard to prove unless it's documented

      Then again... That would only get them to add a warning as you enter the building.
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      It certainly makes you stop and think aye....

      Thanks for the share Zimichael.
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      Maybe loud music. Not sure.
      What's even worse is that going to the cinema in france costs 10 to 12€... in the last 10 years i've been maybe 2 or 3 times to the cinema.

      Luckily, we have independant film cinemas where i live and their sound is just great, they will never put it a full blast like the other mainstream cinemas :)
    7. linearb

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      This is just, like, mind-boggling to me.

      Thank goodness that home theater technology has come so far...

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