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      TL; DR: Got T and was depressed for a year after I started to get better through TRT. Now it's nowhere near as bad but still annoys me now and then.

      Hey everyone,

      I started with T around about my 21st birthday. We went clubbing and I stared to notice the ringing in my ears afterwards. I wasn't bothered by it, but paid attention to it and was curious as to what it was for about a week.

      Later, went to the doctor's office for a cold/flu, and thought, out of curiosity, I'll ask about my tinnitus. I heard the unfortunate wrap "There's nothing that can be done about it, it's permanent, you'll have to learn to live with it." At the same time, I was already feeling down as I was dumped by a girl I really liked.

      Soon after, I fell into deep depression.

      This lasted for a while and, although I was scheduled to see a psychiatrist, the waiting time was about 4-5 months! After enduring that grueling, irritating period of being depressed, stressed, irritated, unable to enjoy either moments of silence or go out to a club (out of fear) or anything that might be loud, I finally started my sessions.

      They helped, but they didn't address the problem well enough. After some sessions, my therapist recommended I try a Tinnitus Retraining Therapy institute as he thought "it was worth a shot." At this point, I even quit my job - working in a call centre - as I thought it'd be bad for my hearing!

      So I did. After my first session, I was elated. Not because I learnt anything new - it was just an introductory session - but because of the assurance that my therapist gave me. "In your case, I estimate you fully cured within 4 weeks".

      It took a bit longer than that, and I wasn't "cured" but my perceptions about my tinnitus changed. I'm not bothered by it anymore. Although there are times, on and off, that I get annoyed by it, the gaps between those intermittent occurrences got longer and longer. Now I can still hear my T but any time I get absorbed in the moment, I don't notice it. Although now and then, it still annoys me, it's rare.

      So here I am. Hi guys.
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      This is good to hear. There is a tinnitus clinic in Atlanta, where my family resides, and I'm hoping to go there soon, depending on what doctors tell me in the next couple weeks. From all the information I've read on these boards, there are too many doctors who don't know anything about the condition or its treatment. I really want someone who specializes in T.
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      Keep intouch an let us know what is own started April14/2014..Thanks
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      I've been 90% fine with my tinnitus for a while now, but it still bothers me now and then. I haven't looked up tinnitus on the internet for literally years!

      I'm really curious to talk to people on here and find out what they've tried, what works for them, what they haven't tried, and gauge people's overall knowledge of what tinnitus really is.

      Funny enough, now that I'm on this forum, it went up a bit! But I know it's temporary so it doesn't bother me.

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