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Discussion in 'Support' started by CapedCrusader2, Feb 7, 2016.

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      I've been doing considerably better with my tinnitus since onset. I've been able to concentrate more in college and have returned to work. I can now enjoy some things that seemed impossible before. However, every day I am catering to my tinnitus. Every day it is on my mind when I wake up and on my mind when I go to bed. I use white noise throughout the day at home but when I'm out its masked by environmental sounds anyway. To be honest, I can only hear my tinnitus in a silent (and I mean SILENT) room or when my ear is against my pillow, so I'm lucky in that regard. But what I really want is my life back. I don't want to be "fighting tinnitus" every day. I don't want to keep making decisions as ways to overcome tinnitus. I want it off my mind. How do I achieve this? How can I get back to my life? And not a life that is a constant effort to "overcome", just a normal life.
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      You are doing really well with your tinnitus and your life will get better as you adjust to Tinnitus and get your confidence and social skills built up.
      I have sever Bilateral tinnitus and even for me it's hard going.
      I wear duel purpose hearing aids to help but I won't let tinnitus rule my life.
      I fight each day to stay as happy as I can and push hard when times get tough.

      Stay positive and fill your life with lovely people ,family and friends and make nice plans to look forwards to.
      Your on the right track so I'm sure life will get better....lots of love glynis
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      That's good to hear, I'm glad you're feeling better. It just goes to show how we all react so differently to T. If I could jump into your shoes now and only hear T in a silent room I'd be completely cured on a personal level.

      Always good to hear positive stories (y)

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