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Discussion in 'Support' started by Alek, Sep 1, 2015.

    1. Alek

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      October 15, 2014
      Its so hard to just get out of bed especially on nights where I dont get the routine number of hours of sleep. Its like I am glued to the bed from a heavy vest holding me down.

      Before T, come morning I would LEAP out of bed. Now there is no chance of such things happening anymore...

      How can you guys relate? Would love to hear your thoughts..

      Best wishes
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    2. Wendy A

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      Not sure.
      I hate mornings as I know I've got to put up with this all day, don't have the zest for life anymore.
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    3. Dubbyaman

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      Northern Indiana
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      Excessive loud noise
      Same here. I used to leap out of bed too, smoke a cigarette and get excited about the day ahead but now I wake up to an awful noise and just want to go back to sleep.
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    4. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi Alek,
      We can feel like that when our moods are low and give you that really heavy sinking feeling .
      I can help with a few ideas.

      Try a warm shower or bath ,

      Have something light to eat first,

      If you are ok have a little walk or open your Windows get some fresh air in.

      Don't feel down if not slept as a long rest will still help and you soon will sleep when your body needs it.
      Anything on your mind keeping you awake then off load it and write it down.
      I can talk to you more if your mood is low causing not wanting get up and there is help to get you up and feeling better ....take care glynis
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    5. Tamika
      No Mood

      Tamika Member Benefactor

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      One loud indoor concert
      Hi Alek
      I have the same problem. For me it is depression and anxiety that make it hard to get out of bed each morning. From some of your other posts I gather you may be having problems with these as well? Hopefully time and adjustment will help us. My husband has T for many years and is well habituated. He never had a problem getting out of bed in the mornings, as he never suffered from the anxiety and depression.

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