Getting Pulsations in Right Ear When Lying Down

Discussion in 'Support' started by emerald2015, Oct 21, 2015.

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      Hi everyone!

      Just noticed that when I lay on my right side before falling asleep, I can feel pulsations in my right ear. It is all according to how I move my neck, it comes and goes. My tinnitus never changes though, it is always a constant high pitched sound in both ears. Any thoughts why this pulsation comes? Has anyone experienced anything similar? My tinnitus appeared 3 months after a car whiplash, with no major previous noise exposure.
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      Meniere's Disease
      You could be picking your pulse up from your Carotid Artery with pressure on your neck if its ok other times...lots of love glynis
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      About 15 years ago (I've had T over 40 years) I'd get a bad fluttering eardrum, BAD, at night lying on my left side.
      Not on the right.. ???? A year or two went by putting up with this til I wondered ..l. My ears 'come alive' at night. Most peoples' do. Like when there's a small sound and you're in bed but you are startled by it. And I thought that maybe some small sound was getting to me since I have tinnitus. Sure enough, I forget now what it was, but there was a small constant sound of an appliance or clock or something that I hadn't noticed til I really listened for it. So I connected that sound with the fluttering. I put cotton in my ear and the fluttering stopped instantly.

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