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      About 8 years ago I suddenly realized that I had T. I guess it had come on gradually without me noticing it. One day I asked my wife if the crickets were unusually loud tonight, and she said "what crickets?" It was then that I realized what I had been hearing was all "in my head." I have been dealing with it adequately I suppose. It does not seem to be as severe as others report. I guess everyone has their own "tolerable" level. I have been to a highly regarded specialist in my area who didn't offer any solutions for me, only an explanation of what is thought to cause T. I have about a 50% hearing loss in my left ear due to nerve damage, and about a 7-10% loss in my right ear presumably attributed to T. The audiologist told me that considering my level of hearing loss, that I have adapted remarkably well....whatever that means! Anyway, I'm living with it for now. I'm glad to have found this forum, and will check in frequently.
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      Meniere's Disease
      A warm welcome to the forum Ozzie
      Hearing aids might give you some relief of your tinnitus becomes troublesome .
      Sound therapy at night will help to....lots of love glynis

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