Going Crazy. Tinnitus Ruining My Life :(

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jonnyangl, Mar 30, 2016.

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      Bad Cold in Head, Clogged Ears. Sneezed, Eardrums ruptured ?

      Here is my story. Some years ago, around 2008 i would say, I got a very bad cold. For what ever reason, the cold seem to clog my ears very bad. I had to sneeze real bad and i heard this loud poping sound in my ears. After that, both ears were ringing so bad. It did not stop. Night and day , 24 hours straight all i heard was this ringing sound in my ears. The tone of the sound would rise and lower in pitch. I could not sleep at all..

      After some months, my right ear seemed to recover somewhat . The left ear got a little better but never 100 % was the ringing gone.. I would here the pithc raising and lowering in volume.. it was tolerable.

      In the last two years, the left ear has gotten worse.. All i hear all day is this dam ringing in my ear. I cant stand it anymore. The ringing just wont stop.. I dont know what to do. It is ruining my life. It makes me very dizzy. It is causing me anxiety, stress, and just making me go crazy.

      I dont need something to mask the sound because all that is not going to help with my problem. I dont need yoga or breathing technique because that will not get the sound to go away . They can make a man into a woman but medicine cant fix a rinigng ear.. this is crazy...

      I need real help .. please any real doctor, help me ....

      John in New Jersey

      P.S I went to two ENT doctors when this first started . All they did for me was give me a hearing test. I dont need another hearing test. I need real help :(
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      hearing test set off
      John as a 20 year tinnitus lady I will say please try to hum your favorite songs and hum loud enough to be louder than the head noise. It releases endorphins and calms you so much. Heat on the ears releases calming feelings too. Seems no miracle quick cures for our problem but we can change our focus. My best wishes for you.
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      not sure
      Perhaps you can contact the doctors at the Doctor's Corner on this site. Some of them have had T themselves. So they know how you feel.

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