Going Through Hell

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      Hi I'm new here, I've had odd bouts of t over the years but never anything like what I'm going through now.
      I blamed the t on going to gigs and what nots but I've not done that in a long time and out of now here in the last week I have had the loudest t in three different tones, I've ever had.
      It's with me 24/7 and I can't get away from it. I hear it over tv. Phone and any convasation.
      I've been run down and I have asthma and was told I did have what they think is a virus but this was a few months back but they didn't give me anything to treat it as they can't treat virus and anibiotics don't seem to do much but make me more and more immuned to them.

      But I've try to relax but I cant, my anxiety has been sky high and my emotions have been out the window. I just feel there's no end to this.
      I'm being refered to a ent specialist but this won't be till after Christmas. But I have a checkup with the doctors next week to see if my symptoms have eased off at all. But I can't see that happening as its nit died down even a tone in the last 8 days ...
      Just exactly the same sound day in day out .
      I've been given amitiriptyline to try. It I'm very sceptic with tablets and I don't want to make what I have worst.

      I just feel lost and I just want some peace but I fear that's never gunna happen.
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      Hi @S.withnell. When I first read the title of your thread, my mind automatically finished the sentence "When you're going through hell, keep going."

      This is not such bad advice, there is something better on the other side of what you're feeling right now.

      You have had T a very short amount of time so far, there is still a chance it could go away, but try not to hang all of your hopes on that. I was once in your shoes (truly), like almost everyone here, but today, about a 1 year and 1/2 later, my life is good and as normal as it ever was before. Even if T sticks around, suffering does not have to last forever. Check out the Success Stories section - it is full of stories of people coming back to the normal world from the early and very difficult days of T.

      For now, try to focus on getting sleep and remaining calm. Sleep and a calm nervous system are going to allow the rest of your body to heal. Take care of yourself, read the threads around here, experiment with white noise/cricket sounds to help you remain calm with the T and diligently protect your ears in loud places.

      Don't be afraid to go to psychiatrist or trusted doctor to get help sleeping or with the anxiety if you need it.

      Know that we're all here for you, if you're having a hard time with T, this is a very kind, supportive and knowledgeable group you've found.
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      I agree with awbw8. Excellent advice. Your new level of T is a new sensation to the body and you are going through the toughest first phase of T suffering. Most of us here were where you are now but many have recovered. Either their T fade or they are recovering or habituated. As awbw8 suggests, please do read all the success stories on this forum or other forums on the internet. Success stories like those from ladies like Jade and AnneG should help you. They can provide you with hope and guidance how to get better. You may need meds and especially masking to help you. I have ultra high pitch loud T and also had severe hyperacusis. My initial sufferings were horrendous and I am someone with prior condition of anxiety and panic disorder. So I also had relentless anxiety and panic attacks besides my T & H. Many members may have pulsatile form of T too. So don't worry too much. Give it time and get some treatment(s) which may work for you. You can ask the doctors on the board to give you free advice at the Doctor's Corner. You should also get some masking going asap so you are not so nervous of the T sounds. I download a free sound generator called 'aire freshener' to my PC and it has many sounds for masking. If you have smart phone, there should be free APPs for that. Don't worry and relax. Take care. God bless.
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      Perhaps the best advice I can give anyone who has recently developed tinnitus is to go see an ENT as soon as possible - even if that means locating an ENT in the private sector. Consider your options during the early stages. You may be eligible for a clinical trial such as AM101 and/or AUT00063. Consider such opportunities while they are still there.

      That's what I would do.
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      Hello everyone and thank you so much ,
      Well I'm waiting to see ENT hopefully Monday but there's mo promise.
      I'm very stressed out with it which is I guess normal. But my anxiety is though the roof.
      I'm trying to relax but it feels impossible, with sleepless nights and just feel so lost and I guess scared.
      But I'm glad to see I'm not alone with this. It's nice to talk to sufferers to know there is a way through this.
      As you can imagine I've been very upset and negative by what's going on with me, I have bad anxiety on top of this new t , also suffer asthma and get a lot of bad chest infections.

      I'm going to look into getting a masker as I need something to help me sleep, my doctor has given me amitiriptyline and I've been put on prochlorperazine as they not sure if it's labryirthist as I've told I've had that in the passed.

      I'm very reluctant with tablets and normal I won't touch them but I have just started to take them so I hope it might help with something.

      Thank you
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