Going to the Audiologist Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Support' started by Littlebailey, Apr 13, 2014.

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      Any advice on what I should be asking about or expecting? The office I'm going to got a gold star from the ATA, so that much is good. And they seem pretty cool and caring on the phone, and that part is also good.

      Anyway just wanted to get the most out of my visit. Thanks!
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      ask for an audioscan, not a useless 8 frequencies audiogram :)
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      Well that was a waste. But they were very nice at the office and even gave me a chocolate lollypop as a parting gift. Not much in the way of useful advice for a gold-star rated Audiologist by the ATA. At least she didn't tell to "learn to live with it".

      And so my hearing is fine, at least as far as the normal ranges go, even though I've been a regular listener to fairly loud music for years with my earbuds. And being only an audiologist, I got no confirmation on possible fluid in the ears, which I don't think is really the problem, but that's what the first doctor said. It'd be nice to at least completely rule that out. And she was down on taking any potentially ototoxic drugs, and was big on the idea that I handle any stress or anxiety as my dutiful cross to bear. And I was really wanting to start taking that lexapro. So I'm still uncertain there what I'm going to do.

      So all in all, a bit of a disappointment. :( But I guess should have known. In any case, I've still got my earplugs!

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