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      Thought it would be good to create a thread to interesting general articles on tinnitus. Didn't see any where else to put this.

      Here's an article my chiropractor pointed me to.

      I thought it was pretty good at explaining how tinnitus is not just a hearing loss problem (auditory system problem). It has a lot to do with the emotional response, the close proximity of the auditory parts of the brain to the emotion processing parts, distburances to neurophysiology (chemical or physical) and the limbic system. While I have a high fequency hearing loss in the 12.5-14 kHz range same frequency as my tinnitus), I'm convinced that the anxiety I went through from other medical issues prior to my tinnitus starting, plus perhaps disturbances to my brain chemistry by Xanax, are the real culprits. I suspect that I had the high freq hearing loss for a while, but its the neurological disturbance that occured just prior to my tinnitus that really triggered it.
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      Noise exposure
      This is a good description of the mechanisms at play in T.

      Jane - it mentions 'moving to a quieter environment' as one possible cause of the emergence of T.
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      Have only just seen this; interesting! - only took me 2 and a half months :( - - thanks Louise x

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