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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by topekahunk, Aug 10, 2016.

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      Hi Everyone!

      I'm so glad I found this forum!

      I've had tinnitus since 10/2010 and, for the most part, it's been manageable. Unfortunately I recently I went through a pretty stressful life event (break-up) and my ears have decided to voice their displeasure in a big way (eeeeeee!).

      I went to my PCP this afternoon and she prescribed me some Trazadone to battle my poor sleep and recent depression. I need to get a handle of my depression/anxiety before I can properly tackle coping with T again!

      I've often wondered if fellow T sufferers experience the same thing as me so a couple of questions:

      -Does the noise as a result of hand clapping drive anyone else crazy?
      -I read that most struggle with sleeping. For me it's the exact opposite. I tend to fall asleep quite easily. My T bothers me more during the day! Anyone else experience similar?
      -Anyone else taken Trazadone? I've never taken a sedative or antidepressant before so a bit nervous to try it out tonight!

      Thanks in advance and I look forward to contributing to this board!

    2. James
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      Welcome @topekahunk

      Glad you joined to share another T story. My Doctor initially prescribed me Trazadone. Sleeping was my issue. The Trazadone didn't help me sleep. I tried another AD. You might be different. Great to work with your doctors on that one. One didn't work for me, try again. Welcome.
    3. Russell Smith
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      Hello topekahunk

      It seems we have had T for about the same time and for the same reason . Mine was noise induced hearing loss from a job I used to do . Also been going through a divorce and snap, T has gotten worse , when it rains it pours I guess .
      Prior to this it was also manageable and sleep wasn't a problem I had become so used to it ,it was like it wasn't there .

      Then all this happened and sleep again became an issue so the doc prescribed me some mild sleeping tablets , something that wouldn't totally knock me out as I have 2 small children and would need to be able to wake up if something was wrong . He prescribed them to me for a month and I used them and got some much needed sleep .
      they are finished now and so far I have managed to get to sleep without them and my T hasn't got any better .
      Not sure how this is working but ill take it !!!!!!!

      As an answer to your question about clapping hand this does bother me to but on the most part I try to avoid really noisy situations without been over protective . If you don't need to take sleeping pills to get to sleep then don't , I`ve heard if done for too long your body looses the ability to fall asleep naturally, not sure if this is true but it makes some sense. My T does bother me during the day when I'm at work but I will go through periods where I will realise I wasn`t aware of it , only for small periods of time but it`s something .

      Really one day at a time kind of thing I guess like many of us here and hopefully in time it will get less bothersome ,if I could go back to how things were 2 months ago that would be great , not sure if this spike is here to stay or if its gonna pack its bags and bugger off !

      I ride MTB and find exercise does help to take my mind off it even if its only for an hour or two .

      I hope this helps , just seems our situations are quite similar .

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