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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Darastonius, Jan 25, 2018.

    1. Darastonius

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      Stress (cured)
      So I'm pretty much tinnitus-free for the last 3 weeks now. It started to get better around the end of December/beginning of January. My symptoms pointed at stress causing the tinnitus, so I was resting a lot during that period, and it indeed started to get better.

      I documented the short journey in a topic on the forum. The main symptoms were that both ears started at the same time, the tinnitus was changing a lot between pitches and also between the ears, and I had no hearing loss or history of strong ototoxic drugs.

      I recommend if you have similar symptoms to mine and it is a mystery what causes it, give it a chance that it might be stress. because even if it is, it won't go away suddenly, but only gradually, meaning if you keep stressing on it, you don't even give it a chance to go away. It can easily take even a few months.

      Nonetheless it was an educational experience, because before all this for me tinnitus was only a thing I experienced once a year for a couple of seconds, when it just started ringing, then went away after 10 seconds. But after this I'll do anything to protect my ears from loud sounds from now on.
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      I have had some success trying your technique. However, I can't get an effect from it if my T is loud. In fact, nothing much works then other than just waiting until it returns to a lower volume (sometimes a few days).
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      @Darastonius I did go thru your post.Interestingly i suspect my T was triggered by the BP drug lisinopril.My doc got me off these & its almost a month i am off it .My doc now feels T is not due to the drug.I am glad you are now free of this misery.I have tried everything and so far what helps keep the volume down is apple cider vinegar and exercise.I guess i need a vacation to some far off land who knows it might cure my T .Keeping my hopes high.
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      I wish you all the best and may it never come back!
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