Got Tinnitus Last September, It's Very Depressing and Controls My Life

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Naples1420, Jun 4, 2015.

    1. Naples1420

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      Got T in 09 '14. Have no idea how. The only thing I can think of is that it started because of severe anxiety and stress. No hearing loss from the hearing test. It slowly faded as months went on. The only time I could hear it was if I put my fingers in my ears or went in a quiet room. Then last last night out the blue my left hear went off with a loud tone. No idea why. This is very depressing and controls my life. Feeling very hopeless.
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    2. Lorenzo74

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      Hi @Naples1420 and Welcome to TT..

      It might just be a spike, as it can happen sometimes that the sound increases, and it usually settles back down to baseline.. It might take longer than a day to do so, so don't think catastrophically about it yet.. Did you ever had any spikes since you developed T ?

      All I can suggest is to keep busy and try not to think of it too much... Maybe try some calming supplements to work on your anxiety.. Maybe some meds but do check with your doctor first..

      Hang in there and best of luck !!

      Take care of yourself and your ears !
    3. James Brown

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      Noise exposition
      Like Lorenzo said, sometimes we have spikes who can last some days or go away soon. T can change in so many ways that is hard to predict what will happen. By what you describe you have a mild T. Soon you will adjust to it.
    4. AUTHOR

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      Thanks for the repsonses. Have only had one other spike and that was a couple weeks ago. The last several weeks have been good. In fact on Sunday I got stuck in a quiet car and could not hear it. What happened last night freaked me out. I'm thinking of getting devices for my ears to mask it and hopefully retrain my brain. Have you tried that?
    5. billie48

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      not sure
      Your T is still relatively 'young' so setbacks can happen. These spikes can come out of the blue and you need to mentally prepare for them so you won't react with so much panic. Count this as a positive so that next time you just tell yourself to calm down as the spike will likely settle down.
    6. SoulStation
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      Noise / Possible Medication
      Sounds like you just had fleeting t . I would not sweat it.
    7. Mad maggot

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      Don't let it control you. Try to carry on as normal. I'm sure this is just a spike and will settle down again. Everyone's "normal" is different and even sometimes changing. We can learn in time to live happily with new "normals." You never know how strong and resilient you really are until things like this happen and you find out you're not the wimp you thought you were but a strong and courageous person.

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