Gotta Go See the Dentist. Could Use Some Positivity.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Falconfox, Feb 13, 2016.

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      Wish I knew, possibly nosie damage.
      So a piece of filling just came out, knew it was gonna happen eventually but darn it i feel pretty down. Last time i went to the dentist was a whole lotta stress and no fun and that was pre t so i'm really dreading this. The whole filling didn't come out so i'm hoping nothing needs to be done but knowing my dentist i'm sure he will advise replacing it. And that's assuming they won't try and drag me into doing more work on other teeth. Anyone have positive experiences to share? i could really use em.
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      Anxiety, Insomnia, and a Fan at Night
      Hello, fellow Oregonian. I would say in the long term to find a dentist that isn't greedy. For the short term, do you have reactive tinnitus or hyperacusis?
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      A piece of filling coming out means that the rest of the filling must be taken down and another one must be put to fill the entire cavity. Just another piece of filling replacing the old one wouldn't bond with the one that didn' fell.
      I hope that your dentist is an honest one and will just recommend you other dental work that is absolutely necessary.
      You can ask him to show you with the mirror the tooth that he says that he needs to redo, so you can see for yourself what he sees, the reasons for which he has to replace other fillings.
      The questions about reactivity and hyperacusis are very important.
      If more visits to the dentists are necessary, try to spread them apart.

      Having T doesn't mean that you can let your teeth go to hell. Not going in time for a dental problem means more visits to the dentist later on, to fix a bigger problem.
      Even for adjusting dentures you will hear some drilling, so there is no way around it.

      You can use earplugs and ask the dentist not to drill a lot at a time, but to take breaks.

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