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      I have had T for about three years. For the first 2 years and 10 months is was so low I rarely noticed it. Then about the beginning of August, I was having some severe allergies and was all stuffed up. I woke up one morning and my T was much louder. I guess it was a 1 and is now a 3? I can just barely hear it while driving or in a restaurant most days. My biggest challenge is that I live on Kodiak island in Alaska and there are no audiologist or ENTs hear. I am going to Las Vegas in October and plan to see an audiologist then.

      My question is, if money was not an issue, what treatment would you pursue while in a real city? I am considering Sound Cure or Nueromonics? I only have four days there, so need to choose a therapy first, so I can have time to make adjustments if needed. I sure appreciate any suggestions or insight.

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