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      Hello. I'm Matias. I know what is to have T. Really Bad. I've been investigating Tinnitus with a holistic approach, contrary to the conventional medicine. I'll be glad to help you all. Remember: If your doctor says: Just live with it DON'T believe it! THERE'S always hope. Have you ever heard nocebo and placebo effect? or psychoneuroimmunology? YES, the power of the mind. As we are matter and matter is energy, so does the chemistry. If you stay negative and believe that T is not going to leave, it will probably happen! STAY POSITIVE. blessings and take care.
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      Welcome to TT and thanks for the positive message. It is always hard to stay positive at the beginning. But I agree with you that being positive will help the mind to stay off from too much anxiety and stress, both of which are known to aggravate T. So do what you humanly can to stay positive. Having some success strategies will help too. Thanks for the encouraging words. You are welcome to stay around to help the struggling new members. Take good care. God bless you.

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