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      I'm 22 years old, and I have had tinnitus for a long time. Actually I'm not sure exactly when it started, but I remember hearing tinnitus as early as 13. I've been playing music for many years. Started out with the guitar, then I went on to producing electronic music and DJ'ing and playing in a fairly succesful band.
      I've used custom made protection for my ears, 25 db my whole career when I've been in very noisy environments.
      My tinnitus didn't really bother me until recently: the past 2 years I'd say. I don't know why - but it seems more intrusive than before. Maybe it has gotten louder, maybe not - it's a blur and it's hard to tell.

      Right now I'm at my worst I would say. Tinnitus bothers me a lot. It's the first and the last thing I think of during the day - also because of the silence around you when you sleep. I wanted to ask you guys about a couple of things I've found out about my T.
      1) If I block my nose with my fingers and makes pressure in my ears, my T disappear, but instantly reappaers when I stop doing it. Anyone tried this?
      2) My tinnitus is very 'somatic' i think it's called. I can make it 3-4 times louder i think when pressing certain places on my head and clenching my jaw. Anyone else experience this? I think it's very hard not to experiment with the t, so i tend to get really sore jaw from all the clenching.

      I have a masker and I also use my computer. It helps with sleeping and concentrating.

      I know as a musician I'm extra threatened by t, but i think i've always been careful. I feel like i've been cheated. That I don't deserve this. I'm not completely lost. I live a happy life, i'd say. But tinnitus is bothersome.

      All the best,
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      Interesting that it goes away completely when you do the vasalva maneuver. But I don't know why it is like that
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      Actually I'd say I have several tones in my tinnitus. I think I identify 1 darker tone in the center, and a brighter one only in my left ear. It's the bright one which dissapear like 95% when I do the vasalva maneuver (thanks for learning me what it's called!).
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      Interestig it is the same with me, if I block my nose and apply pressure to my ears it stops but continues immediately if I stop doing it..I dont know why ..
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      I don't want to even try the valsalva maneuver. I'm a bit paranoid about it because I know a few folks whose tinnitus has either apparently been caused by it or been permanently worsened. Sigh.

      Welcome to the forums monophaser. It's great you are finding help from masking. I do, too. It's very nice to fall asleep to the sound of a waterfall, pouring rain, etc... I don't know, but I would probably listen to my favorite tracks regardless of tinnitus now :)
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      Man, I'm quite chocked to hear that Markku! They have really gotten their T worsened by the valsalva maneuver? Can you tell more about it?
      Now I'm all afraid of having worsened my T by doing the valsalva maneuver so much. I tend to experiment a lot with my T, when it bothers me. Quite dumb to do I guess. But I find it really hard not to experiment when you can alter the tone by doing certain things....
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      Mine too
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      In my case the valsalva does the contrary. One o two seconds T disappeared, then it returns as before.
      It's my magic moment of silence when I cannot hear it.

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