Habituation Tip: Refer to "Tinnitus" as "the Thing".

Discussion in 'Support' started by JonDAH, Aug 21, 2014.

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    1. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      As the key to habituation is to give Tinnitus less importance, I think by referring to it as "the thing" rather than "my T" will help the brain give it less attention.

      Just my little tip :)
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    2. Mark McDill

      Mark McDill Member Benefactor

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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids
      Great idea; I'm going to call mine 'cousin-it' (from the Adam's Family TV series).

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    3. JonDAH

      JonDAH Member

      Hehe :)

      Good one, "cousin-it".

      The key is to make your T less significant. ;)
    4. billie48

      billie48 Member Benefactor Hall of Fame Ambassador Team Research

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      not sure
      I sometimes think of my T as a hungry baby screaming for milk but I am guy so it is a waste of its time and energy to scream at me for nothing. LOL.
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