Had Tinnitus for 1 Month... Any Advice?

Discussion in 'Support' started by pug, Mar 7, 2014.

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      Just joined, got tinnitus from using powertools one morning (on and off for 20 - 30 minutes), almost exactly one month ago. Having researched it a bit afterwards, coincidentally I seem to have acquired it during Tinnitus Awareness Week (awareness campaign didn't work too well, heh).
      Anyway I was told by everyone it would go within days / weeks, but after around 4 - 5 days I went to the doctor. I'd done some reading beforehand and asked about Prednisone (which seems to popular in the US for early onset), the doctor was also thinking along the same lines, however they then phoned the ENT consultant at the local hospital who advised that it should go on it's own within "a matter of weeks" so wasn't prescribed anything other than mild sedatives to help with sleep.
      I'd say within the first week or two the tinnitus loudness lessened by itself but I still have it and still fall asleep with the TV.
      I would say it is tonal and from doing some rough estimations with playing difference frequency sounds at low level I'd guess it is in the region of around 14.5k.
      At one point, around 2 weeks after I woke up and didn't notice the Tinnitus at all, for it to gradually become noticeable again that day.
      Recently had to take some antibiotics (Amoxicillin) for something else and noticed it's slightly louder - hoping this will go again when I come off them. During the day I don't really notice it as there is enough background / office noise to drown it out.
      I've been doing further reading on here, about corticosteroids and AM-101 (with appears to have a time limit) and wondered what experiences others have had / any advice as I'm still in the earlier-ish window - after 1 month of exposure to the loud noise which caused it..
      Can't describe how much I miss the sound of silence!
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      I am new to this, so I cannot give you advice, but I want to say how much I sympathize. I miss the silence too. :sorry:
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      1 month is really early...everyones diff. My personal experience i guess i could be called a lucky one as my doctor said cause apparently i really messed my ears up jaming on drums and guitar and very loud level and had loud intrusive ringing and near deaf for 2 days until it went away... But as the days went on i noticed it didnt go away it just faded down to nearly nothing. Currently have a high pitch hiss in my left ear very faint and quiet.. And my right ear is a faint ringing with teapot and hissing noises.. But cant hear it even by walking into a silence room but as soon as i lay down still i can hear it with no backround noise.. So since your only a month in its very much possible the noises will lesson to almost nothing.. Just keep positive and protect your ears around loud noises and if your t is loud and i trusive deff look into am101 cause your at the time window for it working!!!! :)
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      mid seventies
      This is the most important time of your life. Protect your ears now and let the healing begin.
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      Try to get on some prednisone since it's still pretty early for you.

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