Has Anyone Fully Recovered from Drug-Induced Tinnitus? How Long Did It Take?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lan2021!, Jan 8, 2022.

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      Has anyone ever fully recovered from drug-induced tinnitus?

      I have been suffering from tinnitus for about three months after an NSAID injection. It has gotten quite a bit better since then but is still very much there.

      Out of curiosity, has anyone who suffered from drug-induced oxtoxicity ever had their tinnitus go away? If so, how long and what was the recovery process like? Did you just wake up one day and your tinnitus was gone or was it a very slow little by little progress? Are spike days to be expected during the recovery process?

      I'm very young and just trying to look for a bit of hope!
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      Neck, Jaw or Stress, who knows.
      Hi and welcome to the forum.

      Please check the success stories forum, that will help you with the answer you are looking for.

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