Has Anyone Noticed When They Swallow or Yawn That the Tinnitus Goes Away for a Few Seconds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by cullenbohannon, Feb 23, 2014.

    1. cullenbohannon

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      Has anyone noticed that when they swallow or yawn that the t goes away for a few seconds and come back? I'm thinking this might have to do with my e tubes open a bit and relieving the pressure to my ears for a bit. Anyone have this happen?
    2. I who love music

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      mid seventies
    3. Misery

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      October 26, 2013
      Yes, but I think all hearing is diminished when one yawns at least. When you chew the sound of your chewing my drown out T sounds.
    4. James P

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      Acoustic Trauma (Club)
      I have a pretty much inaudible tone, even in silence, in my right ear that becomes mild-moderate in volume when swallowing or burping.
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    5. nills

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      acoustic trauma
      no, it`s too loud to go away with a burp or a swallow ... when you swallow the inner noise of the swallow movement overwrites your T ... that`s all ...

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